A young woman loses herself thoughtfully in the architectural backdrop of Marzahn in Berlin. Matching scenes and sounds from “La Notte” (Michelangelo Antonioni, 1964), the film examines the cinematic quality of Marzahn’s formerly utopian urbanity. The protagonist’s melancholy is reflected in empty spaces and planned urban infrastructure.

BY  Lisa Hoffmann, Moritz Hossli Lisa Hoffmann, Moritz Hossli (DE)

Lisa Hoffmann is an artist, filmmaker, performer and researcher. She has obtained a MFA in product design at the Bauhaus University Weimar and a MFA in Art and Media at the Berlin University of the Arts. Her work investigates transitional states, daily life fictions & fragmented realities with a focus on ecological anxieties and the deconstruction of dominant narratives. Besides various video artworks and music videos she directed two short films, La Passeggiata and It must be clear to us that we are behaving in a new way. Her first feature film, CYANe, is currently in post-production. She participates regularly in various collaborations, screenings and exhibitions across Europe. Born in 1990, grew up in Obwalden (Switzerland). Studied Art & Mediation at the Lucerne School of Art and Design. In 2014 he moved to Berlin for four years to study Art & Media at the Berlin University of the Arts. In addition to his studies, Moritz Hossli has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Switzerland, Germany and Italy. 2016 he founded the Tapir Filmatelier together with Pablo Callisaya and has since been working as a freelance artist and filmmaker in Lucerne. His films and video works include Sunshine Acid (2020), Periglazial (2019), Stereo Kinematica (2018) and Kilo Tango Eins Drei Eins Drei (2017).