There is a thin line between choice by choice and choice by accident. Focusing on the synapses which allow the information to guide an individual, the manipulation which we allow by choice to endure for the best of our survival becomes obvious. The ideal compulsion would be a dive into the collective unconscious. Inside of its, we would discover a less glorified version of our selves. The information splitting makes the person almost certain for its singularity. Such a realization forms the biggest naivety on an era, where information owes to be used instead of using us. Every day, man is confronted with his most dark existence which looms over the most fragile innervations of the brain. Only to remember the fact that he is consumable. Consumable and free in a dimension where after all, he realizes that the things which connect us are more than the things which separate us.

BY  Alexandra Mavrofridi (GR)

Alexandra Mavrofridi is an artist whose main purpose is to create myths and symbols with the aim of producing active art that brings different worlds into contact with one another. Her aesthetic is based on a tragicomical reality that is not visible to the human eye. Guided by intuition, the biggest challenge is an effort to produce a protean and escalated body of work that portrays a veritable universe, which lies around the subconscious. While still pursuing photography and video art, the desire lays on giving more emphasis to drawing, handicraft, music, writing, erasing the boundaries in the way we use these media, focusing entirely on the direction. This world is defined by a list of opposites, it is simultaneously tragic and comic, divine and morbid, innocent, and momentous. It is populated by creatures wearing masks and costumes, hybrids of humans, antipodes, industrial machines, and abstract shadows.