Strengthened by the soundtrack, the animation stages the opposition of Images and Texts according to Vilém Flusser’s ideas. For this philosopher, technical images (photography, video) claim to show the real world while they merely codify the scientific texts to which they owe their origin: Texts and Images confront each other in the representation of reality. This dialectical relationship, whose synthesis remains to be found, is doubled in the video of another opposition: the equilibrium of primitive man facing the divergences of technical progress. L’inter-code questions the possibilities and limits of science and its materialization in technology.

BY  Pablo-Martin Cordoba (AR) (IT)

Contemporary artist living and working in Paris, France. After a first autodidact artistic experience followed by studies in Art History and Contemporary Art and Photography, Pablo-Martín Córdoba structures his work around the notions of temporality and movement. Both the latent movement in the still image and the stillness constructed from motion define a homogeneous domain where the digital image becomes a plastic material. The expansion of the spatiotemporal domain is doubled of a medial questioning which implies a free exploration of digital technologies, its possibilities, and its limits. In this context, and by means of photomontages, videos, and installations, the artist proposes a particular vision of reality without excluding shifts towards fiction. His work has been exhibited in Europe, America, and Asia.