On the screen’s digital surface abstract machine codes appear as sensual images, readable by humans. Visualized machine instructions make up their semantics and are the base for human instructions. On a cinema screen, these images are detached from their initial meaning. They condense on the picture base and swash into our eyes. Like a random rhizome structure, an associative montage of minimalistic user interfaces follows the film’s timeline. Our body perception and our interpretation formed by media conditions become protagonists in a film without narrative.

BY  Vera Sebert (AT)

Artistic works in the border areas of visual media, language, film, computer programs: Computer code allows the adaptation of all other media whose properties are imitated, fragmented and reassembled in virtual space. The hybrid exposes the categorical separation between artistic image and text production and creates a space for experiments that explore the mesh of code, image, sound and language in a digital environment. https://verasebert.com