Through the power of suggestion, my video poem unites senses and sensations, inner and external rhythms and changes in time.
A dull landscape and the daily routine unfolds before Mrs Jarrar; inside of her, emotions and memories jostle against each other as she remembers the young body of her deceased husband, still the object of love and desire.
Antiquated images, as worn out as the protagonist, explore this body, loved and cared for, gnawed by cancer: it’s a place of loss, grief, memory but also comfort.
In the autumn of her life, Mrs Jarrar can still hear her mother’s voice singing to her ‘Abneti Alsaghira / My little girl’; inside, she still feels like the little girl she once was.

BY  Mathieu Samaile (CA)

Mathieu Samaille was trained in literature, acting and digital arts. He worked in London, Paris and presently in Montreal. Since 2018, he’s been creating Video-Poems, an experimental form of arts which explore the synesthesia between text, sound and images. Thanks to his long experience in trans-arts, including directing and editing, he enjoys making this avant-gardist genre which anchors poetry in the 21st century digital processes. He was awarded by the Grand-Prize of Video-Poetry at the Montreal Poetry Festival 2019 and his work has gained the support of The Canada Council for the Arts.