In a city of drawn characters, an indigenous boy witnesses a holographic appearance. It’s the arrival of an entity of unknown materiality. With a mysterious presence and its exotic allegories, it starts to enchant people, awakening their most insane senses. Magnética was made using clippings from several old films and later applied the rotoscope process, including playful elements and characters, trying to create a story that would be developed throughout the process. With a language that moves between the incomprehensible and disconnected Portuguese, the intention was to create a not very rational narrative, but with multiple sensory senses.

BY  Marco Arruda (BR)

Graduated in Visual Arts at UFRGS, Marco developed drawings, videos and animations throughout his academic projects. His end-of-course project became his first short film called "ANTITREILER"(2008), which won two awards in "Granimado" festival. Marco worked on several animated films by the production company Otto Desenhos Animados, including co-directing the feature film "City of Pirates"(2019). Of his authorship, he developed the short films "A Um Palmo do Nariz"(2016) and "Magnética"(2020).