Measure by Measure' is the debut video from Fast Trains, the music project from songwriter and producer Tom Wells. The video is a collaboration with illustrator and animator Sam Brandon, and introduces “ourWorld&”, the mysterious virtual world of Fast Trains.Brandon’s animation was achieved by hand-drawing each frame and then digitally colouring and compositing. The video contains a number of hidden secrets and references, most noticeably the coded messages written into the trees as the characters make their journey across our World. The film made its debut at the British Animation Film Festival 2019, where it was nominated for Best Music Video, Best Music and Best Animated Short. It has since been screened at film festivals in five countries, from the
USA to Russia.

BY  Sam Brandon (UK)

Fast Trains is the award-winning music project from songwriter and producer, Tom Wells. Releasing music exclusively to YouTube, the project has received support from the BBC and national radio in the UK, and its videos have been screened at film festivals all over the world. The project exists in the mysterious "ourWorld", a strange world littered with cryptic messages in its own secret language. Each song too is crafted with its own secrets, hidden deep within the music and lyrics.