Our generation, which has actively embraced technology, is increasingly immersed in the environment of technology itself. Therefore, Immersive design (or experience design) is not just a passing trend, but has become a norm that changes our daily life. Through augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) we change our perception of experience and interactions. Side effects of technological development directly or indirectly affect human life, and we are facing many mental and physical problems as a result of technology. The scarcity of natural environments causes this pandemic, and depression and various emotional disorders are spreading out as fast as the plague. In this research we want to study different aspects of immersive designs and how to contribute to solving side effects of hyper-connected modern society. In particular, we want to discuss applying traditional memorisation techniques, such as memory palace, to immersive technology as it has potential to maximise users concentration and participation.

Date and Time: 14 Οct, 18:00

BY  Red pig flower Red pig flower (KR)

-Red Pig Flower (Born in Seoul 1986, grew up in Tokyo, London, Berlin) is a media artist, curator. DJ, electronica music producer and memory collector. She studied Journalism and Mass media in CAU Seoul, Time based fine art in CSM London, Media information design in LUCA Brussel. Often hypnotic, dreamy and limitless, her works are deeply influenced by both the Asian philosopher Zhūangzi (庄 子 ) and the vibrant Berlin techno scene. She often combines dream-like digital projections with Various objects and sounds in an attempt to manifest her vision of a non-Western view of infinity. From generative design, holographic figures to soundscape, In Red Pig Flower’s mesmerising work, coalesce into virtual human non-form in order to explore her own concerns of post humanism in the digital era.