Space / Enter -> reload generation
Cmd + s / Ctrl + s -> save generation”

Micro Dimension is a generative texture of the microscopic world lying behind our perception. As a potentially unlimited series, each composition is algorithmically determined and totally unique.

BY  Jooyun Park (KP)

Joohyun Park is a media artist working at the intersection of art and technology. He was born in Seoul and grew up in Seoul and Tokyo. Currently he lives and works in New York. The relationship between space and human, how the one reflects and refracts the other, is something that Joohyun has been exploring as a media artist. With a deep fascination with nature, life and the universe, he questions about what makes us feel small and what lets us think big. The how of aesthetics is as important to him as what he makes, and more often than not his creative process comes with technology. He believes in the dynamics of technology as a creative medium and the elegant way it translates ideas into a wide spectrum of emotions.