MONDIALE™” invites us to reflect on what we are becoming, on the unconscious process that transforms us into “augmented mestizos”, which means in manufactured products. MONDIALE™, is a multimedia graphic work on crossbreeding and the body-commodity, on the human being in the making in the age of globalization and hyper-capitalism. MONDIALE™ presents itself as a catalog for the sale of human beings, an anthology of clones and body objects that hyper-capitalism is likely to produce. This work is exhibited in a mixed-media installation composed of digital images in digital prints on wallpaper walls printed on Dibond or PVC, prints in old frames and video, and sound sequences diffused on screens and/or retro-projected. Like its subject, this work presented is in perpetual evolution, hybridizing, adapting itself to any space, and enriching itself without limit with new still and moving images. A project of augmented reality, interactive creations on the exposed portraits is in preparation.

BY  Beb deum (FR)

Author of comic books and illustrator for the press magazine, Beb-deum started his career in the '80s with the French magazine Métal Hurlant and produced a dozen of comic and travel books. Through residencies abroad, particularly in Japan, his work evolves towards purely graphic research on the Métis body, which asserts itself, through the use of digital technology, in a questioning of the human in its multiplicity and fragility, the individual confronted with globalization - as evidenced by MONDIALE™, his last major work, which gave rise to monumental exhibitions at 104PARIS and the Paris Austerlitz train station during the Némo International Biennial of Digital Arts, as well as a book published by Les Impressions Nouvelles, enriched with a text by Alain Damasio, a famous sci-fi author. « Grand Prix de l'Imaginaire », an award for his career in graphic design, he lives and works in Auvers-sur-Oise, France.