In my project Mundane, I’m portraying the entire fusion of the natural and the artificial, and I envision the ensuing graphics as an altered organ of our future condition. In light of the growing awareness of the genetic changes that organisms must go through in order to adapt to the ongoing technological advancements in modern contexts – gmo, environmental pollution, and technically mutant objects. The transformed visuals, which are focused on “foreshadowing organism mutations in a dystopian post-industrial era,” were inspired by these feelings.

BY  Andrea Mikyska (CZ)

Andrea is a new media artist whose carefully woven visual research emphasizes technology, nature-based study, and the pursuit of sustainability in both realms. To capture material, shape, and time, she creates reverse archaeology using techniques like adaptation, evolution, dream scenarios, and mutation. The project's aesthetic and thematic focus is on plant surgery and Neosurrealism, while also striking a balance between comprehension and final form, skeleton and void, and designing life armor for plants and other organisms that are replicated in 3D or virtual reality.