This work is a short succinct video. It is a fairy tale, that is being read as if the audience is transitioning between being awake and being asleep, being awake or being anesthetised, being alive or being dead. It is read to the rhythm of that time and space focusing on the isolating impact in the contemporary pandemic and the temporal and liminal nature of the patient’s and their family’s experience of hospital, ICU and being excluded from ICU. This work references The Seventh Seal by Ingmar Bergman. It is a remaking. In this remaking the script of a fairy tale is set within the liminal spaces of the transition from home to hospital and the transition from life to death. We also experience this state of transition. We also experience the liminal internal and external spaces of waiting and fail to see or unsee the figure of Death.

BY  Fiona Davies (AU)

Fiona Davies has a PhD from the University of Sydney. Significant projects from 2021 include Space YZ at Campbelltown Arts Centre, Sydney Australia, performing at the UnFix Festival, Glasgow UK and mentoring in the Scamp project in Cessnock, NSW, Australia. 2020 included two online exhibitions Shift + Control + Exit at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre Katoomba NSW Australia BMCC, Plas Bodfa, Wales UK and the selection for the International Limestone Coast Video Art Festival at Mt Gambier, SA Australia. In 2019 her solo exhibitions included Woven Architecture at the State Silk Museum in Tbilisi, Georgia, her PhD examination exhibition at Sydney College of the Arts, Australiaand the first screening of the three videos at the Golden Age Cinema Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia. .