Artbook based on the book is intended as a guide to action for those who would like to live longer using the achievements of modern science.The authors Artyom Blagodatsky, Alexey Rzheshevsky, Olga Borisova, Anastasia Egorova described the main problems and mechanisms of aging, and also gave examples of approaches that are used to defeat it. It’s not just a text, it’s part of a strategy to fight death. It describes the Open Longevity projects that are currently being worked on in the labs. The artbook is assembled from the key illustrations of the book and the first chapter, where the reader is immersed in the problems and philosophy of the fight against death. All images drawn by Chernikovich Victoria and Natalia Rea are scientifically reliable and accurate.

BY  Viktoria Chernikovich (RU)

Scientific illustrators: Victoria Chernikovich, Natalia Ri. Artbook concept and execution : Victoria Chernikovich The authors of the book and illustrators are practicing researchers and scientists in the field of aging. The authors of the book, from Russia and Ukraine, researching the topic of aging, as well as with the help of biotech analysts, science popularizers of the Open Longevity team. The artists working on the book are molecular biologists, bioinformatics and technologists who regularly work to promote the direction of scientific illustration.