In a time in which immateriality increasingly prevails, the artist wanted in this film to go through the looking glass, to sneak into the dreamlike, strange, poor or banal worlds of independent video games from all over the world. There are doors to open, spaces to weave its way into, frontiers and thresholds to cross while you look for something in this continuous flux. The character wanders in these digital worlds, and as the voice over speaks, their relation with our reality appears. The ‘‘open worlds games’’, are spaces the players can travel into, knowing that they are free to move and to make decisions. They walk into the different places that are presented to them looking for a quest to embark on, or simply wait for something to happen. But as the end of things seems to always slip out of their hands, the ‘‘EXIT’’ sign becomes the only thing they wish to see.

BY  Axel Chemin (FR)

Axel Chemin is a French filmmaker and video maker born in 1997 who works and lives in the suburbs of Paris. Concurrently, he studies editing at the Femis. He began by directing and editing experimental films and artistic videos. Then he edited several short films made by students at the end of their studies and who came from different Parisian schools. His works are related to contemporary human concerns: the impact of the virtual in human relations, the implications of wandering in digital networks, the oblivion or the disappearance of the commonplace. He likes to confront different sorts of images, images he found, copyright-free images or even 3D images in order to put them to the test, see their limits and their relationship with the real world.