The short starts from a premise: why do all the children in the world need a rag animal to sleep? What if they defend them from something bad? Maybe from nightmares that come true when we are children? Is that perhaps why the nightmares we have as that age are the most terrifying of our lives? This is a short made by five young people who showed their talent and can be found in the final credits: five names that are repeated in different tasks: Paula, Anghelo, Darío, Pablo and Ubaldo. They did an enormous job, carrying 85% of the work, or even more, on their backs. In this production we were also surprised by the enormous talents of Dani Herrera as art director and Javier Colmen who composed and performed the music. I hope you enjoy the shortfilm as much as we did when we made it.

BY  David Villarrubia Lorenzo Abraham Lopez Guerrero Guillermo Hernández Alfaro  (ES)

David Villarrubia Lorenzo (Madrid, 1967) studied animation many years ago, in what was then the only animation school in Spain, ESDIP, which was opened by Emilio Luján Álvarez in the mid-80s. Since then, David went through the world of advertising where he has collaborated with many of the most prestigious agencies doing storyboards, animations and illustrations. He has also done illustrations for textbooks and magazines. In 2008 he returned to the same school where he studied animation, actually directed by Emilio's children, to teach subjects such as Narrative, Storyboard, After Effects, Flash or Maya and help train future generations of animators. David has been deeply involved in this short, also being the scriptwriter, being part of the storyboard, animatics, photography direction, 3D designs, animating various shots and actively collaborating in promotional tasks.