An algorithm explores the web by indexing images showing faces. These, which account for millions, are classified by the proximity of facial features using a neural network. Displayed one after another, found images produce an animation that evolves throughout the frame: anonymous people merge with old and contemporary celebrities along with surprising transitions, and a meta-face seems to emerge in a new heterogeneous and disruptive space, which continues self-generating. The visual component of big data is thus transposed in a playful way in the form of an image-by-image animation, mirroring the cinematographic device at its origins.

BY  Pablo-Martin Cordoba (AR) (IT)

Contemporary artist living and working in Paris, France. After a first autodidact artistic experience followed by studies in Art History and Contemporary Art and Photography, Pablo-Martín Córdoba structures his work around the notions of temporality and movement. Both the latent movement in the still image and the stillness constructed from motion define a homogeneous domain where the digital image becomes a plastic material. The expansion of the spatiotemporal domain is doubled of a medial questioning which implies a free exploration of digital technologies, its possibilities, and its limits. In this context, and by means of photomontages, videos, and installations, the artist proposes a particular vision of reality without excluding shifts towards fiction. His work has been exhibited in Europe, America, and Asia.