“Pressure” is an underwater experimental film project, developed, produced and realized by an ambitious team of very young filmmakers from Ortweinschule Graz. Between the pulsating city and the standstill of the people, a young man is looking for his place in society. Pressure is showing his journey from the drug-ridden nightlife to the unfair music scene. Everywhere his search is taking him he ́s facing restrictions, compulsions, and pressure. His journey ends when he starts questioning everything he fought for while hitting rock bottom. To show all this we chose to let the action take place underwater so that the main character is literally floating through the environment. The story is told by a poem like monolog and the emotions are expressed through the body language of the protagonist.

BY  Julian Pixel Schmiederer (AT)

Julian Pixel Schmiederer (AT), born 02.02.02, is a director and sound engineer and made his artistic debut at the 2010 Ars Electronica Festival with the project "Pixel Guitars". 2015 the project "Gangway Horns" followed, in which the inner courtyard of Postcity Linz was filled with an apocalyptic carpet of sound. One year later Julian moved to Graz to attend the Ortweinschule Graz for Film and MultimediaArt. Many projects developed in which he was involved as a sound engineer, including the internationally presented radio play "schuldICH?", which he also directed and produced. He took his first steps as a film director with the films "Kruzifix" and "Pressure", for which he also wrote the scripts.