What is proximity and where are it's limits? On which distance and under what distractions can a human still feel close to another? A film created in close collaboration with the audio production team. The image was tuned to the dialogues and sound effects during the formation process to create a more interweaved experience. In order to give the viewer the feeling of an video- game-like participation, we opted for a pixel art look at an ego and top-down perspective and synthetic 8-bit style music.

BY  Jasmin Kruezi (DE)

Jasmin Kruezi is a creator of computer generated video content, music, sound design and interactive and audio technical builds. He is working as a video engineer at the Schauspielhaus Zurich (Switzerland) and teaching music production and recording at the aim academy in Heilbronn (Germany). Jasmin is currently completing his studies at the Stuttgart Media University. He has developed most of his work for theater and advertising so far.