The Quasar is a next generation audio-visual instrument created by Cosmic Lab. It simplifies the audio/visual performance process, making it possible to express a hybrid combination of sound and image in a completely new and unique way. By weaving together a combination of indigenous sophisticated world music together with archives of images, the Quasar creates a festive and fun next generation audio/visual mandala environment.
We’d like to create a space that mixes and explores the cultural identity and unconscious character of the audience and player by sharing the experience of creation through a non-verbal method in this technological era. We’ll show a recorded Quasar performance that was performed live with augmented reality.


BY  Cosmic Lab (JP)

Cosmic Lab (based in Osaka, Japan) is a multi-media collaboration of artists and creators who explore new audio-visual experiences through combining art and technology. Their mission is to create the space for all soul celebration after approaching reality that is beyond imagination. Their origins have deep roots in the underground dance music party culture and art scene have enabled us to expand to a wide range of creative activities and innovative ideas. Representative Director is VJ Colo Müller, who started his VJ career in 1998. The team now consists of VJs, programmers, 3D artists, and performers sharing his passion and pursuit of the unknown. DJ YASA and NAO-K from Plant Records will perform together for this show.