Refiguring space is an abstract exploration of spatial entanglements of the deformation process of the organic substances manipulated by machine learning. The project provokes juxtaposition of human perspective and computational perspective on the notion of decomposition which is a phenomenon of escaping the restrained boundary from the form of a matter but the time-framed terminology. As an organic being, human mind exists in the system of time that we made, but the machine is free from the time- framed terminology. Accordingly, the exploration of this juxtaposition brings us to possibilities reshaping the human mind on the notion of decomposition that is a terminology based on mortality.

BY  Siheun Kim (KR)

Siheun Kim is an interdisciplinary artist exploring the nature of human consciousness and bodily awareness through the studies on the physical, digital, and ecological entanglements between human beings and technology. She currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California. She is working in the fields of new media art with interactive sculpture approach and compositional imagery approach based on the collective entities in ecological system, particularly her works explore the sympoietic relationship, which is an ecological term of collectively producing without a fixed boundary, between humans and non-humans by creating physical, digital, and time-sequential environments of space with machine intelligence. Her work, “Refiguring Space” was shortlisted of the Niio x AI Art Prizes .