Rumours is a film about memory, how memory works and how we save our memories. I had a hard task ahead – visualise something abstract and created in this first half work by collecting more than 500 hours of video footage. These materials include surveillance videos, amateur street photography videos, documentaries and Actual shooting. Most of our memories pass like time; they become vague memories of broken pieces and emotions.They can make us do great things or terrible things. I tried this film, gives us a glimpse at how our brain works. we see a montage of video and audio, noise. Just like our brains, they manage to find a memory based upon a perfume we smell by passerby. Memory is like a hybrid between physical and digital world.This only running at almost 7 minutes film gives us a glimpse at negative things in life can affect us.

BY  Qunyuan Wang (DE)

Born in Songyuan City, Jilin Province,China in 1989. Currently living and studying in Dusseldorf, Germany.