The artwork represents some transitional state between dreams and reality, something that is coming from unconsciousness. Shapes and colors are not only aspects of beauty, they also have inner sense and meanings, which are understandable on an unconscious level. This digital artwork rendered out in 3d software and overlapped with glitch effects.
The composition represents a human figure, which is bended by digital distortion in some surreal space. The digital world absorbs all sides of human activity, there a person can have a different face, different life. It changes mind and psyche state also. In this artwork a human figure is getting already modified by the digital environment.

BY  Elena Romenkova (RU)

Elena Romenkova (1986) was born in Russia, St. Petersburg. Graduated University of A. Herzen, fine art faculty Master degree. Since 2017 lives and works in Austria in the field of 3D art and glitch art. She participates in digital art-exhibitions since 2013. I see my artworks as a kind of Post Surrealistic compositions. Most of my images represent my thoughts and feelings. I experiment with different 3d techniks, create digital human bodies and then transform them with different 3D modeling methods - or modify it by data manipulation (glitching). Glitch brings unpredictable results. Shapes transformations give to the 3D sculptures a new aesthetic and meaning. The 3D - World opens up a new dimension, a parallel world that exists in its own laws.