siXren (verbum medicinae) project is inspired by models of ancient healing rhetorics and verbal formulas, which serve to establish a new relationship with (inner) nature in the coming era of post-humanity, and inform the current sonic imaginary in our techno-ecology with poetic and healing sensibility. Ancient linguistic/sound patterns were considered as healing transformative and medicinal agents, and as the missing link between man and nature. Practices such as ancient Greek rhetorics, word magic, ritual poetry, as well as contemporary cognitive science and wellbeing methods, utilize the primordial power of utterance, rhythm, and sound to affect our animal senses, and consequently our body biology, brain chemistry, sensory and cognitive clarity. The work explores the psychoacoustic effects of ancient verbal and sound formulas used in healing ceremonies, and abstracts and reapplies them into the matrix of contemporary sounds. Sonically and visually, we enter the liminal space between Earth’s rhythm and noise music, between digital and animate, pre-modern, and hyper-modern. siXren (verbum medicinae) is made in collaboration with beep blip (sound) and Brina Vidic (visual and costume design), video DOP Rajko Bizjak.

BY  Agnes Momirski (SI)  (NL)

Agnes Momirski is an interdisciplinary artist based in Rotterdam and Ljubljana. Her work and research explore the human condition in the coming era of post-humanity, by drawing from philosophical, anthropological, metaphysical, and astrological knowledge. Her work departs from a deeply embodied performance practice rooted in voice and language, seeking the links between nature, the posthuman, embodiment, rhythm, inner work, and healing, creating multimedia visual, music, and sound collaborations across disciplines. Agnes graduated with an MA from Royal College of Art in London in 2014, and with a BA from WDKA in Rotterdam in 2012. Her work has recently been shown at MGLC Ljubljana 2020; Impakt festival 2019; Motel Mozaique 2019; Roodkapje Rotterdam; The Wrong 2017; Kiblix 2017; Art Rotterdam 2018; Tent Rotterdam, De Pont Museum, Museo Alicante, and others. Agnes won the Liquid award by Motel Mozaique 2019, was a recipient of Young talent award by Mondriaan funds in 2016, Squeeze online award 2016, and in June 2017 she was nominated for Tesla award by Mota Museum.