The project is a sound-based artistic collaboration between participants from Hong Kongand London. The title references the Asian tradition of giving money in envelopes to wish for well-being and good fortune, andthe project is built on the notion of giving sounds as a gift. This virtual exhibition follows workshops led by Ryo Ikeshiro (City University of Hong Kong) and Tom Tlalim (University of the Arts London), with Dawn Scarfe and András Blazsek. The participants used field recordings and listening as a framework for dialogue and cultura l exchange between those living in the two cities.The resulting soundscapes created by the participants are presented in an immersive virtual exhibition.In an age where online experiences are increasingly using VR/AR and haptics,SoundEnvelope predominantly relies on the single sense of hearing. Through a speculative approach to soundscapes,our environment and sense of identity are considered.

BY  Ryo Ikeshiro (JP)

Ryo Ikeshiro is an artist, musician and researcher.His work explores the possibilities of meaning and context presented through sound as well as its materiality in relation to digital audio and audio technologies.His output includes installations and live performances in a variety of formats including immersive environments using multi-channel projections andaudio, 360-video and Ambisonics, data visualisation and sonification, field recordings,interactive works and generative works.Ryo’s work is currently exhibited at the M+ Museum of Visual Culture,Hong Kong, andhewas part of the Asia Culture Center’s inaugural exhibition in Gwangju, South Korea. He is also a contributor to Sound Art: Sound as a medium of art published by ZKM Karlsruhe/MIT. Originally from Japan, Ryo lived in the UK for many years.He is currently an Assistant Professor at the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong.