How do you feel about spam?

About 14 billion spam emails are sent daily and they have long become an omnipresent noise in our communication. We’ve learned to ignore them but they are always there trying to get our attention.

218 spam emails were received over the period of one month. The raw text is printed on screen in sync with the sonification of the same data.

BY  Georgios Cherouvim (GR)

Georgios Cherouvim is a digital artist, animation director and CG supervisor for Visual Effects. He was born and raised in Athens and he is currently based in New York. He graduated from the National Center for Computer animation of the United Kingdom with a first class degree. Over the years he has worked for feature films, commercials, as well as Virtual Reality experiences. His professional career started in 2005 at the Moving Pictures Company in London and he later relocated to Vancouver. In 2016 he moved to New York and worked at Framestore for four years, but recently went freelance and started his own studio, ch3. His work and animation shorts have been screened in dozens of festivals around the world including Ars Electronica, Siggraph, Art Futura and One Dot Zero. In 2014 he had his solo show 'Monomorphia' in Athens and has also participated in several group exhibitions.