Stay home is a graphic logbook, which I try to keep by putting my feelings into it during this quarantine. How I perceive it and there feel from day to day. By putting my own experiences and the feelings of people around me that I have on the phone or other social networks. It is a very singular moment of life, which I think will mark and change our society. The apprehension of after is very important, even worrying. How will it be after confinement? A normal life? This is a summary of my 55 days.

BY  Arnaud Laffond (FR)

Arnaud Laffond and Guillaume Seyller are two digital artists who met in Lyon. Both passionate about art, 3D and new forms of writing, they naturally turned to digital creation. Taking advantage of the skills they acquired during their own experiences, they collaborate in a hybrid way by offering unique interventions mixing digital images, new writing and poetry while keeping a critical eye on the society around them.