Photographing sunsets has become a cliche. At the same time, the number of such photos does not decrease. Part of the secret lies in the fact that they are always different and each of them is special, and the human being is always happy to appropriate something unique to him/herself. But there is an even rarer phenomena — the green ray, which sometimes appears for a few seconds at the moment when the sun disappears behind the horizon. Despite the fact that sunlight contains all the colors and is refracted through the atmosphere like through a prism, our eye is arranged so that it captures the blue and green spectrum better than others. People hunt it in search of happiness. Turn on the flash on your smartphone. Take a picture of the screen, and you will catch one of the moments of the sunset. The luckiest will catch the green ray.

BY  Anastasia Bespalova, Andrei Rylov, Anna Prilutskaya (RU)

Anastasia Bespalova and Anna Prilutskaya are the artists who studied together at the FotoDepartament in 2016, and since have been working together on some projects. Andrei Rylov, Anna’s classmate at the New Media Lab, joined in 2019. The artists are working with multi-media art. Sunset Machine is the first collective work of the group. The work was exhibited at the art festival “Presence”, Saint-Petersburg, 2019. Credits Anastasia Bespalova Visual artist, web designer, curator. Kostroma, Russia Anna Prilutckaya Photographer, art director, artist. Saint-Petersburg, Russia Andrey Rylov Artist. Saint-Petersburg, Russia