When the citizens of Crete were under attack, the King pleaded the gods for help. In response to the King’s plea, the gods created a gigantic robot guardian named Talos. He was tasked with the protection of the island of Crete from all kinds of harm. Talos was proven successful in his role until the arrival of Jason and Medea who knew his only weakness.

BY  John Kiritsis (GR)

John Kiritsis (Yannis Kiritsis) was born in Athens, Greece. He is a graduate of the Department of Graphic Design and Visual Communication - University of West Attica. John was interested in filmmaking from an early age, making short movies with his friends using the family video camera. While studying for his bachelor's degree, he showed interest in video production and animation. Combining that with his musical education from early on, he went on to create original musical compositions and sound design for various media (ranging from video games to advertisements). In his early career he worked for the Hellenic Parliament Channel (Vouli TV) filming and producing short documentaries for the series "FoititTVsmata".