“Tempérée” is a short video aiming to represent city dominance over nature. It is composed of digital audio processing applied to acoustic sounds and of synthesis images obtained by the modification of videos recorded during the summer of 2018 in Oka, Québec. As in life, the elements that compose this video are in perpetual slow evolution. The result of this constant movement is a series of sequences in which there is no principal focal point but instead offers a wide variety of elements on which the listener can choose to focus his attention on.

BY  Alexandre Tessier (CA)

Alexandre Tessier is a Montreal composer who focuses his work on acousmatic and ambient music. In 2015 he completes a collegial diploma (DEC) in web and video game programming. After working in this field for a year, he begins a bachelor’s degree in digital music at the University of Montreal which he completed in April 2020. Alexandre Tessier centers his creation on the hybridization of analog and digital sounds supported by different techniques such as video or audio coding. His music aims to create a constantly evolving dystopian landscape.