Welcome to “The Adam Experiment: Ghosts of the Multiverse,” a thrilling sci-fi horror adventure that will take you on a journey through alternate dimensions and challenge you to battle supernatural entities in order to uncover the truth behind a mysterious experiment gone wrong. As Adam, you must navigate a maze of universes and confront your deepest fears in order to survive and unravel the secrets of Green Industries. Do you have what it takes to escape the clutches of the multiverse’s spectral entities and save yourself from an uncertain fate? Play “The Adam Experiment: Ghosts of the Multiverse – Episode 1” to find out.

The festival is not responsible in case of damage caused by or during the installation of the game, as well as in case of the presence of a virus in the file associated with the game after its installation.

BY  AGreekDev Games (GR)

I enjoy making games but I have not done it professionally yet. I have made a few small projects in the past.