The snow falls in the big city, and someone is stealing something precious from the museum. What will it be? And where will end his escape?

BY  Hermes Mangialardo (IT)

He was born in 1975 in Copertino, a little town in the south of Italy.He took a Flash animation Diploma at “Scuola Politecnica di Design” in Milan and in 2001 he started to product his own animations. After a Multimedia Design Master in Florence, he started to write and develop many clips and animations, music videos and short videos that won many awards. In 2006, with a group of designers, he founded a multimedia agency, Plasmedia In 2008 he wrote and animated the short serie URBAN JUNGLE for MTV ITALIA, about the various metropolitan animals (Metal kids, Darkers, Indie kids, Emo…). From 2007 he started his visual experience (best Italian Vj in 2009) and from 2011 he started his 3D Architectural Mapping experience.