The Box is a creative coding art-work made with Processing (video) and Supercollider (audio). Processing and Supercollider basically have, therefore, all the features which help to make works of art in the era of new technologies: high-level languages, interactive, object-oriented, efficient in the generation of video and audio real-time, an enormous amount of synthesis units and, not least, a very active community.

The truth is, there is so much happening beyond our own perceptions, particularly when it comes to sound and other “invisible” forces. However, using the incredible scientific tools that we have available to us, we can start to see a fraction of what is actually happening on an energetic level, to create changes in the matter within us and around us.

BY  Roberto Zanata (IT)

Roberto Zanata completed his studies in composition, music and new technology and philosophy in the Conservatory e University of Cagliari (Italy). He teaches electronic music in the degree classes and new technology at the Conservatory of Foggia (Italy), as well as multimedia at the Conservatory of Cesena (Italy). In international competitions, his work have been awarded by the Grand Prix International de Musique Electroacustique Bourges, Interference Festival, Sonom Festival, Now! Festival Grenzganger and others. His publications focus on the studies of multimedia and contemporary music in a cross-disciplinary based arts.