Honorable Mention, Screen Power Film Festival 2020. The film’s hapless eponymous hero has been dumped by his girlfriend. But this is the least of his problems, because his head is a big teapot. After downloading a dating app and going on several disastrous dates, he meets the girl of his dreams, entirely by chance. “Happily Ever After” beckons. But life still has a few surprises in store.

BY  Brian West (UK)

Brian is a multi award-winning writer, director and digital content specialist based in London. He has written comedy for Channel 4 and has worked as Head of Digital Content for two global television networks. Brian has also worked as a senior digital content producer for the BBC and has written and performed numerous times on the Edinburgh Fringe. His podcasts have been downloaded over 11 million times and he is an occasional visiting lecturer in comedy script writing at Bournemouth University.