Video games as public art open new means of exploration for artists and echo the
contemporary blend of interactive art and omnipresent mass culture. The artistic message can
be expressed in a novel way using the mechanics of video games where boundaries between
the real and virtual worlds are blurred. The concepts analysed through the game create new
engaging dynamics between the artist and the audience. In these dynamics, there is no single
creator. Instead, responding to today’s reality, the artwork develops through a collective
production of meaning.

The Meaning of Game is an art game that explores the aesthetic and performative effects of
computer games when they are contextualised as artworks. The story traverses a world
inhabited by interconnected and abstract digital structures. The game’s routine embodies
man’s existential search for meaning that may not exist but could be found in every moment
of living. By playing through the game audience is invited to engage directly with the artwork’s
unfolding process.

BY  Faulty Agatha (DE)

Faulty Agatha is a Berlin-based visual artist and creative technologist interested in how commonplace technology encounter changes the way we think of ourselves as humans. She holds MA in semiotics of art, MA in philosophy of mind and MA in creative technologies. In her art practice, she merges video, creative coding, and game design to create experimental visual experiences.