The Opposite World is a video art by Amy Ching Chun Wen by using abstract lines and colors to convey the idea of how we are living in the world of multiple screens and multiple dimensions. We communicate and feel the warmth of humans through an invisible signal in the air. We analyzed the meaning and the tone from others to our own interpretation. Layers by layers, we go through invisible screens and doors of people’s minds. The beauty of the distance, sad as it is.

BY  Amy Ching Chun Wen (TW)

Amy Ching Chun Wen is a Taiwanese mix media artist, who received her MFA in Computer Art from the School Of Visual Arts, New York City. Wen has contributed to numerous video projects. Her clients include MTV, CNN, Loreal, Matrix, Intel, LaMer, Origins, ElectricZoo, Adidas, Family Mart, and several music/drama performances, etc. Her moving image and mix media work are distinctive for its ability to merge abstract elements within a digital environment as it creates a highly layered emotive experience.