The Parachuter is VR video, that explores the past experiences of the director and a number of eye-witnesses questioning how urgent activities adapted by some families to make the ends meet in hardship of sanctions, labeled as Smuggling. The simple experience of passing through an arrival terminal can become a doubtful and fearsome encounter. The Parachuter beside addressing the feelings, associated with this short journey, narrates a myriad of life experiences and thoughts occurred while crossing borders and passing through customs inspection. This transfer from an uncertainty to the next, is usually hidden from the lens of ordinary citizens, yet seen and supervised by the cameras installed by authorities in order to maintain the power. Hoveizavi, in The Parachuter, takes us by the hand and captures the unseen in an unusual 360-degree ride.

BY  Nebras Hoveizavi (IR)

Nebras Hoveizavi born in Ahavaz, and lived in the United States since her 20s. She graduated from California Institute of the Arts with a B.F.A. in Photo-Media in May 2014, and got her M.F.A. from the same University in May 2016. With her background in photography, she started working with moving images as a her medium along performance and installation. Incorporating elements of photography, sculpture, architecture, and installation, her current work distances itself more from a traditional photographer. Her art explores, issues of identity, culture, and dislocation among others. In 2012, Nebras joined Virtual Verité, a performance troupe established by renowned Los Angeles-based artist, Harry Gamboa Jr. She has been thought in Community Art Partnership in Valencia, California and photography and criticism in Tehran. Her works have been shown internationally and inside her home country, to name a few: Comfort Zone at Villa Kuriosum, Berlin, Limited Access Festival for video, sound and performance and “The Room”, a parallel program at Fajr International Film Festival in Tehran, and Amber Network Festival in Berlin. She currently divides her time between Middle East, and Southern California.