What If someone could tell you when you will die? Would you like to know? ‘The price of knowing’ follows a rather normal citizen in a world similar to ours, where you actually have the possibility to discover your life expectancy. He definitely wants to know! The oracle drinks from his life-elixer to be able to predict his death. The oracle drinks from his life elixir which elongates her own life expectancy and in return she can predict his. But is she to be trusted?

BY  Felix Reijmers Stijn van Staveren Eva Bonnevits Martijn Kersten  (NL)

‘The price of knowing’ isn’t the product of just one Artist, but four! While each had their one unique skillset the students Stijn Eva Martijn and Felix worked together as one to produce their Short film. Stijn van Staveren is good with sounds and storylines. He is also well equipped to make animations that are so clean you might think they are 3D models. Eva Bonnevits produces illustrative animations very fast. She has a good eye for character but Storyboards are her specialty. Eva is the one you need to get your idea on paper! Martijn Kersten loves clean lines and complicated scenes. He is a real all-round producer, from detailed illustrations to beautiful animations, Martijn can do it all! Last but not least: Felix Reijmers is an expressive character animator. They know how to tell an interesting story and can captivate you in the motion and emotion of their animations.