“The reconfiguration of the void” consists of a reflection on the representations of the body in the period of the pandemic of the covid-19, and the influences and flows in the constructions of digital identity, aiming to establish a dialogue with Georges Didi-Huberman’s poetic dead body and Byung-Chul Han’s negative narcissism. It seeks to ratify how technological devices and social distance affect the transformation of the perception of the body and the void. The narrative opens a debate about the body, the awareness of death, the emptying of self-image and the scientific fictional condition of contemporaneity. All images were captured using image filters from the Instagram app on a selfie camera, filming and distorting the artist’s own body

BY  Sayuri Kashimura (BR)

Sayuri Kashimura is a Brazilian artist born in Porto Alegre / RS, graduated in Visual Arts at Faculdade de Artes do Paraná (2014), post-graduated in Hybrid Arts at Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná (2016). Sayuri is an expert in interdisciplinary practice, with an emphasis on critical reflection on inhabiting the real and the digital. His installations, prints, videos and performances were shown in galleries in Curitiba, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Halle Saale and Bangcok.