Returning home after an errand, his anxiety spikes up as the fear of contracting coronavirus grips him. Trying to rationalize his intrusive thoughts, as memories and emotions resurface making him spiral further. It’s hard to differentiate dreams from reality. During the pandemic in 2020, we decided to collaborate and work on a film. As we all had been going through some or the other thing, our mindset matched and we decided to do something on mental health. There is an insect inside me has been inspired by our experiences during and before the pandemic. The motifs in the film are symbolic in the narrative, the black insects representing feelings, mental health and fear. The mask of the main character representing the brave acts or defences put up by a person. Most of all, the cubes represent the emptiness and entrapment we may have felt despite being home.

BY  Dhruti Vyas Harnish Kapoor Maya Chaudhary Nidhi Gorakhiya  (IN)

A Collaborative group: Trippy Firefly, based in India. We are the fresh graduates of animation Film design ’21 batch. Trippy Firefly was born from attempts of previous collaborative work based on firefly and hence the name of the group. We are weird nocturnal creatures working at night, shining in the dark. Our film 'There is an insect inside me' is derived from some of our personal experiences during pandemic. We are inspired by our culture, surroundings and struggles of the people.