“time slice transmitter” is a 35-voice experimental music composition for six-string electronic violin. The voices of this composition follow the tradition of 16th century renaissance polyphonic style, enriched by modern violin techniques. Visitors are invited to arrange their own versions of this work online by modifying various sound and visual tracks. Dependent on the users playfull interactions, outcomes can range from short minimalistic loop fragments up to dense polyphonic and even noisy ambient textures. The video strips arranged one below the other on the screen result in a fluid mosaic of the depicted violonists body. The musicians fragmented physique represents the translation of an auditory and digital simultaneity of 35 different time layers.

BY  Marco Doettlinger (AT)

Marco Doettlinger, Austrian composer, sound and installation artist, studied composition, computer music and music theory in Salzburg, Paris and Basel and currently works at the Institute of New Music at the Mozarteum University Salzburg. His compositions, visual works or media installations are primarily concerned with micro-temporal shifts on the boundary between flow and stasis. Vera Sebert, German media artist/writer, studied Free Arts at the Braunschweig University of Art and the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts and Language Arts at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Artistic works in the areas of visual media, language, film, computer programs. The program code allows the adaptation of all other media whose properties are imitated, fragmented and reassembled in virtual space. Anna Lindenbaum, Austrian freelance violinist and violist based in Vienna. She works in different musical fields from transdisciplinary projects to chamber music. Founding member of NAMES – New Art and Music Ensemble Salzburg.