Turmoil is a short story about two entities coming close and moving away from each other.
Turmoil is a dream about intimacy in the post-analog age.
Turmoil is a hedonistic and self-sufficient trip between inconsistent modes of reality.
Turmoil is what happens when semi-conscious holograms are set free to explore a series of digital ruins and utopias under-construction.

The short film was produced during a five-day workshop with Iara Lee [Cultures of Resistance], after the invitation of the 6th Peloponnesus International Documentary Festival. By blending different mediums to create a trippy visual language, the film attempts to portray a vision about intimacy and care, which occurs at the intersection of human and non-human, organic and inorganic, real and imaginary.

BY  Eremus  (GR)

Eremus is a queer multimedia artist, a DJ, and an architect. His work explores the potential dangers and/or possibilities of informational technologies, surveillance strategies, and digital networks, as well as the relationship between queer identity and digitally augmented realities. His videos and installations have been exhibited in DIY exhibitions and events, as well as in the Athens Digital Arts Festival, the Peloponnesus International Documentary Festival, the KFFK (Short Film Festival Cologne), and the AMOQA, among others. He recently presented a performance at Performance ROOMS2020 organized by Kappatos Gallery, which explores notions of semi-conscious holographic forms of existence and bodily experience; a recurring theme in his work. He currently lives in Athens and studies at the Athens School of Fine Arts as an MA student in Digital Arts.