a portable battery-pow- ered electric lamp. 2.NORTH AMERICAN
a blowlamp.
set fire to.
مشعل .1
چراغ قوه .2
مشعلدار کردن .1
the action or practice of inflicting severe pain or suffering on someone as a punishment or in order to force them to do or say something.
inflict severe pain or suffering on.
شکنجھ .1
عذاب .2
آزار رساندن .1
زجر دادن .2

BY  Tarlan Lotfizadeh (IR)

Tarlan Lotfizadeh is an interdisciplinary artist born in Tehran , Iran in 1984 , during Iran-Iraq war .After she got her B.s in solid-state Physics she started attending some art courses and shifted her focus to a more profound study of art theories and art history. in 2013 for the first time she attended a group sculpture exhibition with a large iron casted sculpture ,since then she exhibited her works in group and solo shows in Iran and abroad. Photography , sculpture , video art were the main deciplines she used to work with . In 2016 she became a first prize winner of a visual art festival and then she was granted to do a residency at cite Internationale des arts in Paris which was an amazing experience in her career . Now after almost 7 years She don’t work with a specific medium anymore and don’t limit herself to any kind of them. In each project she puts plenty of time on doing research and then she comes to the idea and start developing the concept and finally deciding which deciplne could be the best match for the her works are more defined as interdisciplinary art as she is slipping from one deciplne to another.