A visual experiment by Claudio Bellini powered by Umanesimo Artificiale and with the contribution of Michele Deiana (music), originates from the idea of connection, which we all feel strongly these days: we are connected to others by virtual networks where we are the nodes and the links are formed by our relationships. A virtual mesh, where vertices are the fundamental element and their position in space and the connection between them determine the topology of the surface and how it reflects light, is used as a similitude to evoke a network of relations.

BY  Claudio Bellini x Umanesimo Artificiale (IT)

Claudio Bellini (@cloud.i0), studied composition and new technologies at the Venice Conservatory, where he became passionate about electronic music, new media for art and musical programming. Claudio is a creative coder who divides his time between the technical development of multimedia installations and the creation of artistic works. He is a founding member of @VERV: a network of composers and musicians interested in investigating new models for artistic experimentation. Umanesimo Artificiale is a cultural association based in Italy promoting the creative use of coding. Its intent is to investigate what it means to be human in the era of artificial intelligence and to question the relationship between men and machines. Michele Deiana is a composer based in Venice. After his graduation in Composition and New Technologies at the Venice Conservatoire, he worked with la Biennale di Venezia, Teatro La Fenice, and Mario del Monaco Theatre. Michele is a co-founder of VERV.