Operated by a team of cyborgian researchers at www.seicalabs.org Synthetic Empathic Intelligent Companion Artefacts (SEICA). Human Interaction Labs is a virtual organization that produces multimedia-based provocations that reflect on the modern human-(tech)-human condition and researches through designing (non) living synthetic entities that provide companionship. [VHs in Tech] interviews virtual humans who work in the H-tech industry and unravel human-centered technologies from a VH, virtual human perspective. In this episode, SEICA Speculative Human Research Lab’s Lead Researcher Laura TBD processes a series of thought-provoking questions centered on the wellbeing of virtual humans concerning rapid climate changes in the virtual environment.

BY  Laura Hyunjhee Kim (US)

Laura Hyunjhee Kim is a multimedia artist who contemplates and reimagines digitally constructed on/offline (non) human experiences. Thinking through making, she performs moments of incomprehension: when language loses its coherence, necessitates absurd leaps in logic, and reroutes into intuitive and improvisational sense-making forms of expression. Hailing from the internet, her projects have traveled to exhibitions and screenings around the world and appeared in numerous publications. She is the Founding Director of Synthetic Empathic Intelligent Companion Artefacts (SEICA) Human Interaction Labs and the author of Entering the Blobosphere: A Musing on Blobs. Kim resides in the U.S. and frequents South Korea.