A boat trip evolves unexpectedly to an inward motion. In neuroscience, illusions are considered substantial in revealing how the neural “machinery” works. On the boat, when things fail to correspond to reality, as perceived by the senses, illusions of vision and proprioception provide a sneak peek under the surface. Beyond expectations, a strong undercurrent lies beneath. The iconoclastic portrayal of the personal and the profound and the clash of still imagery to flow constitute elements of the vessel’s strange poetic universe. Catharsis is achieved through the admission of the paradox.

BY  Lefkothea-Vasiliki Andreou (GR) (GB)

Dr. Lefkothea-Vasiliki Andreou is a neuroscientist and an artist. Her Ph.D. is in Auditory Neuroscience (UCL, UK). She holds a BSc in Biochemistry, an MSc in Biotechnology, and a BA in English Language and Literature. Her publications are in peer-reviewed journals and book chapters and include an array of subjects such as neuroscience, molecular biology, human-computer interaction, history, and education. She has taught in primary, secondary, and tertiary education (Department of Biological Applications & Technology & the School of Fine Arts, University of Ioannina). Currently, she has embarked on a journey with Stella, her first child.