VREEDOM is a theatrical VR piece with a focus on space-based immersion. The userx follow the journey of ME who is confined by MA in a panoptic prison.
MA takes ME on a trip to realise their fears and inner space which manifests itself in the outer space as well. VREEDOM is therefore also an immersive experience about being locked up and what our mind can do to humans in that state. The connection to big data and the all-seeing spectator’s gaze is of relevance in discussing VREEDOM with the audience.

BY  Kollektiv Mosaik (DE)

VREEDOM was realised by a team of artists, architects and cognitive scientists. German-based Kollektiv Mosaik consists of Vivienne Mayer, architect and cognitive scientist, and Ilja Mirsky, dramaturg and cognitive scientist. For VREEDOM the collective collaborated with Swiss director and writer Corinne Soland as well as the Indian architect Aarti Dhingra, who specialised on the topic of gaze for her dissertation. The talk will be focusing on the individual's different areas of expertise.