Water Trembles is a poetry game, which will be published along with the forthcoming poetry book, Fast Fire by Rainie Oet (Carnegie Mellon University Press). In the game, the main character Gertie, who has locked themself in their room after their mother died, solves puzzles by collecting poems about memories of their mother. By progressing the game, Gertie completes the poetry book and also takes themself out to the world ending their isolation. As a participant engages directly in the decision making and completing the poetry book in the game, the game unpacks the protagonist’s profound emotion through an exploration of the virtual domestic environment. Such a poetic unfolding of the narrative leaves plenty of room for the player to interpret their encounter and interaction in the game.

BY  Su Hyun Nam (KR)

Su Hyun Nam is an interdisciplinary media artist and researcher, and her work, including experimental video, interactive media, 3D game art, and media performance, has been exhibited nationally and internationally at venues from Spain, UAE, Greece, and Singapore to South Korea. Su Hyun Nam earned an M.F.A in art and technology studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a Ph.D. in Media Study from the State University of New York at Buffalo. She is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Transmedia and the director of the computer gaming program at Syracuse University. Su Hyun Nam currently leads the game project, Water Trembles, in the Burnt Orange Game Lab at Syracuse University, together with Rainie Oet, Regan Henley, and Izzy Montoya.