What Are You Afraid Of? Is a film that sees the world through a child’s eye. Inspired by the director’s, Raghad, childhood fears. When Raghad was young, she feared the dark. When the room was dim, she used to see faces of monsters out of the spots on the wall. To her child self, they used to sway and move their mouths as if they were eating. To Raghad, these monsters were as real as anything else she could see. Much like how any child believes in the monsters their imaginations show them. In this film, the child Noor, will bravely face the monster of darkness despite her fears -for true courage isn’t the absence of fear, but it is the willingness to face the terrifying unknown.

BY  Sadeem Sadeem (AE)

Sadeem is a team of diverse individuals and passionate animators based in the UAE.The members of the Sadeem team specialize in illustrating books and creating animated shorts.The name of the team translates to Nova, the bright explosion of a dying star, after of which star matter scatter in a spectacular event only to give birth to numerous planets and stars. Sadeem team wants to be that spectacular event that helps give birth to numerous stars in the Arab world by producing original Arab-made stories and art pieces.