In the video work “What is a Man Without a Shadow” digital morphogenesis is used, as a method, taking its inspiration from biology, to describe the process of the evolutionary development of organisms and polymorphic systems. In digital morphogenesis, new forms replace the former, through the logic of optimization, via an open system of states of constant interaction. These organized structures are turning radically into disorganized ones, creating general disorder. Images get gradually degraded, revealing entities that change the consistency of space and time, with an average entropy value. As a result, they enable new realities to be tested in a virtual space, allowing consecutively the evolution of the beings who strive to mark their existence in sequences that interact, passing from one situation to another and generating the genetic material of the project.

Makis Kyriakopoulos was born in Patra, Greece in 1975. He works predominantly in Digital Arts. He completed an MFA with distinction at the Athens School of Fine Arts in 2004 and completed the postgraduate course of (ASFA), in Digital Arts. Selection of group exhibitions / Actions / Screenings: "6th Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition 2018", entitle "Offline Browser", Hong-Gah Museum. Taipei, Taiwan. 2018 in "STOCKHOLM FRINGE FESTIVAL | STOFF 2018". Stockholm, Sweden. 2016 in «Bideodromo Festival 2016», «INTERNACIONAL EXPERIMENTAL FILM AND VIDEO FESTIVAL», Guggenheim. Bildeo, Spain. 2016 in «DEEP TRASH from Outer Space», «Bethnal Green Working Men's Club», CUNTemporary, London. 2014 in «REMATERIALIZING CULTURE», Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, Athens, Greece. 2014 in «VANITAS», Patras International Festival, Patra, Greece. 2014 in «Digitize», «[.BOX] Videoart Project Space», Milan, Italy. 2013 in «1ο Site Specific Festival», Vyrsodepeseio, Athens, Greece. 2010 in «MIRfestival 2010», Athens. 2010 in "INSIDE OUT", Bydgoszcz, Galeria Miejska bwa, Poland.