The story of a journey into the inmost cave. Will our hero overcome his deepest fears?

Made and produced by Alessio De Marchi and Alessandra Turcato in 2019, the movie is set in the medieval castle at Valentino Park in Torino, Italy. E-waste collected by dumpster-diving on the streets in Torino, Italy, was made into sculptures and these sculptures were then used to make the film, which is composed of a total of 6240 photographs. Each image is manually edited on Gimp to create the animations and some animations are real-life stop-motion recordings. Music composed by a French DJ called Osiris Project tells the story of Seth Maat, the Egyptian God of chaos, which represents the interior struggle of good vs evil, the voice-over is taken from President John F. Kennedy’s speech held at Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City on April 27, 1961, while the gas mask is standard N°3 NATO military-grade equipment, produced by NOKIA in Finland.

BY  Alessio De Marchi (IT)

Alessio De Marchi is a postgraduate student of International Sciences – China and Global Studies at Università di Torino. He works in the field of international diplomacy collaborating with different institutions worldwide. Alessandra Turcato, his wife, is a Psychologist and Art therapist. She works with mental disability and emergency first-response teams.